Glasses With No Lenses?

We are just about to start the third day of our trip.  Yesterday, while walking around one of Taipei’s shopping district, we couldn’t help but notice the large amount of teenagers wearing glasses without any lenses.  Even one of the check-out guys at the local 7-11 was wearing a pair of black frames…with no lenses.

Check out the pick below.  Could you tell that she is not wearing any lenses? Hmmm…

I can’t help but wonder if this is a trend which will catch on with teenagers in the States.  It just occurred to me that perhaps it already has but that I’m too ol…no way. Never mind.  It hasn’t.

While we were getting 141 up and going, we would have our friends shamelessly wear our prototypes with no lenses so we could get some “real world” feedback on the collection.  We only asked that they do this in social situations (parties, bars, concerts, etc.), and we learned a fair amount.  Now that I look back on it though, I remember how many friends of friends immediately noticed that one of our friends was suddenly wearing glasses.  Before I ever put my prescription in my first pair of 141’s, I did the same thing as well.  One night, I was wearing a pair of Everett’s (without lenses) and the person I was talking to didn’t even notice until I handed her the frames.

So perhaps I noticed it here in Taiwan more-so than others because I am guilty of doing the exact same thing….or perhaps these kids are spending a lot on a very effective anti-reflective coating which has not made its way to the States yet.  I’m gonna go with the former.

Stay Glassy,


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