Buffalo, NY’s Visualeyes Sees the Difference in 141 Eyewear

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Visualeyes-300x225Optician Dan Leberer claims his entry into the optical field 25 years ago was no more preordained than “closing your eyes and throwing a dart.” If that’s so, he’s certainly built studiously off of that serendipitous change in course. Visualeyes—the optical shop he operates with his wife, Betsy—has flourished in its 3,000-square foot location about 10 minutes from downtown Buffalo, NY.

You can see the careful thought behind the customer experience: a large display area offers the chance for clients to browse through disposable contact lenses and frames without being hovered over. The upscale frames on display there are hand picked by Leberer, who dutifully works the Paris, Las Vegas and New York optical show circuit to bring exciting and unique choices to his clientele.

The Leberers capitalized on a long partnership with Dan’s cousin, David, a longtime expert in the contact lens business. With two areas of practice, a thoughtful collection that includes styles customers can’t find elsewhere in town, and its superbly designed store and customer experience, Visualeyes has seen its business increase dramatically over the past few years. The customers see and appreciate the focus on excellence that Visualeyes brings to every facet of the practice, and send along referrals. The Leberers have built a winner. And in their view, winners give back.

Both Dan and Betsy served together as volunteers for a OneSight clinic in Rochester, NY right on the heels of a Las Vegas optical show. They were impressed with how well-orchestrated the clinic was, with kids arriving on buses from all over Rochester to be examined and fitted for their own complimentary pairs of prescription eyewear. They helped screen kids, fabricate and adjust frames, and instruct the glasses’ new owners about their care.

“The clinics had been explained to me before, but you don’t really understand it until you experience it,” said Dan. “It was beautifully run, and we were able to serve a lot of smiling kids. Getting off the old routine and spending a day helping others was extremely gratifying.”

The decision to add 141 Eyewear, who donates frames to the Onesight Organization – who coordinated the Rochester clinic—was an easy one.

“It’s a beautiful product, and we don’t have to force it by any means,” adds Dan. “The price point makes it appealing, and if customers can buy it knowing that another frame is going into the queue for a youngster, it’s a very easy purchase to justify.”

141 Eyewear is now available at Visualeyes at 3945 Main St. in Amherst, NY. For more information, you can reach the store directly at 716.832.3452 or visit their website at www.visualeyeswny.com.

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