Availability Update

Since launching 141 at The Eye Studio in Portland’s Pearl District, we have continued to receive A LOT of emails about the availability of our collection. Before I dive into this…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Seriously, thank you. As mentioned in our first “Where to Purchase” blog, we released our collection in only one door. We did this for a few reasons:

We want to release the best product possible. Plain and simple. The product which was released at The Eye Studio was actually from our latest round of samples. We did this so we could fine-tune our collection as much as possible before releasing 141 to the masses. By having our collection available at The Eye Studio, we were able to gain A LOT of consumer feedback. Since Shu-Chu is an optician there, she was able to learn a lot from our consumers regarding the overall fit, design, and style of our collection. As a result, we have made a few minor tweaks to the colors and design of a few of the styles; however, all of this was done to make the best product for our debut collection.

We wanted to validate our line with the consumer. And we did. We love each of our styles, but it is important to us that our customers and consumers feel the same way. Well…they certainly did. If you go to The Eye Studio now, you won’t see many 141 frames…why? Well they’ve all sold. Of the 60 frames we have released, nearly all of them have moved…in less than 12 weeks.

So what’s next?

The inventory for our launch collection is arriving in the next few weeks. We have already met with doctors and opticians in Portland, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Seattle, Kansas City, and New York who all want to carry 141. As the inventory arrives, we will be creating a separate “Where to Find Us” page which will outline each of the practices which carry 141.

For our consumers: If you are interested in 141 and we are not available in your area, please contact your eye doctor and/or optician and let them know about us. In addition, please feel free to send us an email (info@141eyewear.com), let us know where you are located as well as the name of your eye doctor, and we will reach out to them as well.

For the doctors/opticians: If you are interested in carrying 141, please email us (info@141eyewear.com) and we can work on arranging a preview of our line.

If you haven’t already, please JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER at the top of this page and we’ll keep you informed of future happenings. So keep an eye out for us, spread the word, and we’ll see you soon (2 of 3 vision puns intended).

Stay Glassy,

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