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A lot of folks have asked us about the significance of each of our frame names. Those local to Portland know that each of our 10 styles is named after a Portland street and/or bridge. But what you probably did not know is that there is a much deeper story than that. These streets and bridges are actually significant to our relationship.

We were super close to naming each of the styles after our friends and family who helped us get 141 off the ground. Then Sooch suggested that we go a different route so that we didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. She has a great point. There have been a ton of people who have helped us make 141 a success…there is no way we could shorten that list to 10.

So here it is. You have sent the emails and asked. Here is the response:

We live right by Broadway and constantly find ourselves walking across the bridge or along the street to head to Blazers games, weekend runs, Pioneer Square, etc., etc…the list goes on. We even walked to and from the Wonder Ballroom once…in order to get to all of these places, we cross Broadway.

You cannot have a collection named after streets and bridges and not include Burnside. It’s a staple. The first thing you learn in Portland 101 is that Portland is divided north/south by Burnside and east/west by the river. Countless times we have crossed the Burnside bridge together. Whether heading to Doug Fir, RonTom’s, The Crystal…all on Burnside.

This one was the biggest stretch. We were going as far as to change the name while we were developing our line. But none of that happened. As soon as we saw the prototype, we fell in love with Davis. Davis in Noir is my second frame (I wear Glisan in Smoke). I don’t care if I can’t pull off the big-frame-look. This frame is awesome. Back to the story, Davis came about because Davis runs straight into Chinatown…again, a place we like to eat. Plus we felt that it would sound much better than “Couch” (pronounced ‘cooch’…seriously).

Sooch works at The Eye Studio, which is located on NW 9th Avenue between Everett and Flanders. We actually met at The Eye Studio. Plus “Everett” sounds way better than “9th” or “Flanders”. Okily dokily?

Our first date was at a restaurant off Glisan. That one was easy.

We have spent numerous walks and dinners along Hawthorne. It is one of our favorite places in the city to check out. Plus the greatest pizza restaurant of all time is on Hawthorne.

Kearney and Lovejoy:
The first place we lived together was bordered by Kearney and Lovejoy. This was a big one…one street couldn’t do it justice.

Our favorite restaurant is located under the Morrison Bridge. Again, easy.

Our favorite sushi restaurant is located in Sellwood. Again, easy.

Can you tell that we love to eat?!?

Bottom line, Portland has been good to us. We may not be crazy about the rain, but we absolutely love the city. We met in Portland, we started 141 in Portland…paying tribute to the city, which has given us so much, by naming our first collection after the streets and bridges of PDX just seemed to make sense.

Any reco’s for Collection 2? We’ve started design work; however, we have not assigned names. I know my friend, Peter, is really pulling for a frame named “Alberta”.

Tell us your story. If you could name a frame (from anywhere) what would you name it any why? Send us an email or leave a comment! You never know…we just might use it.

Stay Glassy,

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  • Timon

    Show some love to Austin, TX… I’d go with something like Enfield or Windsor…you could also go with Rudy’s, Trudy’s or maybe ETC…..

    • kyle

      Yea…How about Jester East, Castle Arms, and RLM? 🙂 I cant remember the name of the Chem-E building. Where’s Tran when you need her?

      I like the idea of ETC, but I’m not sure if anyone outside of you, Mike, Darren, and the rest of the University of Texas engineering community would get that one. Solid idea tho…

      Rather than Trudy’s, we should just go with “greatest queso ever”, “2 mexican martinis” or “chicken flauquities”…

      ….sorry, this is getting ridiculous.

      • Tran

        CPE!!! How about Posse East?

        • kyle

          CPE! That’s right!

          I don’t know about Posse East…I was more of a Crown & Anchor guy. Their burger and fries were the money.

          I’m not sure if Sooch will be on board with the idea of naming all of our frames after buildings from the UT campus 😉

  • TJ

    Love the idea of keeping it memorable.
    Now do Dallas.
    Pick names from your favorite places in Dallas.

    It would be a cool way to keep track of when a line was launched. Also means you have to travel to some new cities and make more memories as more and more success comes your way.

    Just a thawt,

    • kyle

      Yea…perhaps we should save a space for “Larry Dr.” or “Duncanville, TX” 🙂 I really like your idea of naming them after places we have visited in the past…

  • Hastings. i spent a LOT of time there when i lived in Cincinnati. there was a really cute girl that lived on the street. and her neglectful roommate was never there.

    • kyle

      THAT’s a good call!

      …and “neglectful”? hardly…

  • Emilio

    If you decide to name them after bars, you might have to include McFadden’s as one, and Pavilion as another one, seeing as many great nights were spent there. 😉

  • Andy A

    THURMAN: the street you ride up, up, up to get to the head of the awesome Leif Erickson Trail. Also the name of one of my biggest celebrity crushes; Uma, I’m talking to you.

  • I think you should name them after cities, or areas of Japan since the frames are manufactured there.

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  • Brett

    I still say just stick with Portland streets. I like Drexler, Mississippi, and Hawthorne.


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