It’s not every day that the choices you make can immediately change someone’s life. For each pair of 141 Eyewear purchase, we give a new pair of glasses to a person in need. One Four One.

Our giving takes place through three primary channels:

1: We donate large batches of 141 Eyewear frames to organizations who are able to facilitate free eye exams and the distribution of our frames. These organizations include Remote Area Medical, Essilor Vision Foundation, the King County Clinic in Seattle, and the Lion’s Club.

2: Many of our 141 Eyewear retail partners organize their own means of giving back. We supply many of the optometrists and opticians who support 141 Eyewear with frame kits which are used to provide free glasses to people in need within their own communities.

3: We also make financial contributions to Restoring Vision, a non-profit based in Southern California that supplies reading glasses to organizations and across the globe. Please visit to learn more.

If you are interested in providing free eye care to people in need within your own community and would like to receive 141 Eyewear frames as a means to help, please reach out to us and we can begin the discussion of establishing a partnership.

photos by Auston James



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